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October 2015



Writing: To punch the keys of my unspoken thoughts is one of my greatest pleasures. And even more than that, the idea of a time when my words would have been truly understood is my strongest inspiration.

I long for that time when people spoke and wrote beautiful words to one another. We have become so consumed with the impersonal coldness of technology, that I fear my kind will never grow to a majority again.

Writing has a power to heal us. It can free our minds from the prison that is our inner thought process. How will we ever be free from that cerebral chain if we are constantly forced to make connections with empty “likes” and the number of followers we have. We are meant to connect with each other on levels higher and deeper than a blue screen.

I long for connection with people who want to feel something deeper and warmer than a status.

So I write to fight for something that is fading and had faded with so many already.

I write to feel something.